Show Me The Money To Make While In School

High school or college students pay attention! Instead of sweating at a fast-food job that pays 8 bucks an hour, and wearing a funny hat, would you be interested in 40 bucks an hour, working your own hours – outdoors in the fresh air? This “money-machine” isn’t hard or glamorous, but the money is good, green, and spendable. Painting house address numbers on curbs for homeowners is the quick answer to your problems. Once you have the basic equipment that will probably cost you less than 60 dollars for the plywood curb border, ink, house numbers, and stuff; then you just stroll or drive around your neighborhood or any new housing tract (the best) you’ve found your starting place. The money you make is cash; ergo, an instant profit in your pocket. Weekends are best when people are home and outdoors. The fringe benefits of this “job” are you get to meet interesting people, including girls, when you ring the doorbell. You charge 10 dollars per house, paint an easy four homes per hour, and you’ve made 40 bucks. Painting house numbers on curbs and driveways is easy, quick, and profitable. Paint as many as you want; when you want.

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