The Scariest Experience I Ever Had In College Life

College freshman have a lot to learn. Not least among these lessons is the fact that you have to GO TO CLASS! Without anyone waking you up or pushing you out the door, it can be tough. I can honestly say that I often skipped class, opting instead for an early morning trip to Denny’s with friends for some Moon’s Over My Hammy or just stayed in bed.

The scariest experience I ever had in college life came after a string of missed classes on The Fall of the Roman Empire. The class was early on Friday morning making it a likely candidate to be skipped. I had, in fact, skipped four in a row. After summoning the will-power to finally attend one morning, I was greeted with a blackboard filled with essay questions, a digital timer and a 30 page blank test booklet presumably intended to be filled up with well thought out responses to the aforementioned essay questions. I had not prepared, had not done a lot of the reading, and had little to no clue about where to even begin to answer the questions. It was horrifying and I sat there trying desperately to fill the pages with some nuggets of wisdom gleaned from earlier classes. Needless to say, I ended up spending the remainder of the term trying to raise my grade in the class. But I did begin to see how important it was to actually go to class. Lesson learned.

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